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Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

The great and popular U.S military’s Air Anti-Submarine Warfare aircrafts

  • P-3 Orion

This  lon g range and  land-based anti submarine warfare aircraft has great submarine detect ionability.  This  air craft equiped with  advanced detection sensors such as Directiona l f requency  and ranging (DIFAR) and  Sonobuoys and Magnetic Anomaly detection (MAD). This aircraft integrated with general purpose digital computer so it can support all of tactical display and automatically provides flight simulation to the pilots. 

This aircraft also has ability to carry battlegroup and also variety of weapons such as MK-50 torpedo and MK-60 mine.

The air craft specifications shown in figure below

Primary FunctionAntisubmarine warfare(ASW)/Antisurface warfare (ASUW)

P-3AP-3B (L)P-3B (H)P-3C
Date DeployedAugust 1962

August 1969
Power PlantFour T56-A-10
Allison turbo prop
4,300 horsepower each
Four T56-A-14
Allison turbo prop
4,600 horsepower each
Maximum gross weight127,500 lbs127,500 lbs139,760 lbs139,760 lbs
Endurance10-13 hr10-13 hr10-13 hr10-13 hr
Crew composition5 - minimum flight crew
11 - normal crew
21 - maximum accomodation
Cruise speed (average)330 knots330 knots330 knots330 knots
Fuel capacity (approximate)60,000 lbs60,000 lbs60,000 lbs60,000 lbs
Fuel consumption (lb/hr)4000-50004000-50004000-50004000-5000
Unit Cost

$36 million (FY 1987)

  • S-3B Viking

S-3B Viking is a t ype of jet aircraft. Jet used to detect and attack submarines. To support it’s ability s-3B viking modified from the earlier S-3A viking. And then equipped with high speed computer system  to process information generated by sensor systems. S-3B viking employs an impressive array of airborne weaponry.  this provide effective airborne capability to combat the threat presented by enemy.  Beside that this jet aircraft can carry an inflight refueling store. So other naval strike aircraft can refueling from S-3A viking.

General Characteristics:                                    

Primary Function 

Antisubmarine Warfare and Sea Surveillance


Lockheed-California Company

Unit Cost

$27 million


Two General Electric TF-34-GE-400B turbofan engines (9,275 pounds of thrust each)


53 feet 4 inches (16 meters)


68 feet 8 inches (20.6 meters)


450 knots (518 mph, 828.8 kph)


2,300 nautical miles (2,645 statute miles, 4232 km)


Up to 3,958 pounds (1,781 kg) of AGM-84Harpoon and AGM-65 Maverick missiles, torpedoes, mines, rockets and bombs.




  • P-7 Long Range Air ASW-Capable Aircraft (LRAACA) 

This P-7 made to replace P-3 Orion as the primary land-based Anti Submarine Warcraft  aircraft. So in 1988 Lockheed start to develop the next generation maritime patrol aircraft. Navy also sought aircraft with newest technology to reduce support cost and enhanced anti submarine warfare capabilities. But the main functionalities is not different with P-3 Orion.